Robert Steele for California State Assembly District 62

Let's work together to make our streets safe and clean.  Let's work together to address the ever increasing cost of living in Los Angeles.  I believe in fair power, fair water and fair gas. Better management at the state level can improve quality of life and opportunity for everyone.

Fair streets, fair power, fair water.

Assembly District 62

This is the map of California Assembly District 62 - Del Aire, El Segundo, Gardena – 25.8%, Hawthorne, Inglewood – 99.7%, Lawndale, Lennox, Los Angeles – 3.5%, Venice, Westchester, Marina del Rey, West Athens and Westmont

California state government has two legislative bodies like the Federal government does.  They are called the California Senate and the California Assembly.  I am running for California State Assembly - one of the places where California laws start.


Let's work together to improve life for us, our neighbors and those who are struggling.

fair water, power and gas

Winter in LA includes snow capped mountains.  Let us conserve and use this water.

cost of living

In the last 10 years half of my friends have left the state.  Housing costs are driven up by government over regulation and taxation.  The current level of taxation and interest we pay on government debt is unsustainable.

paying Creative workers fairly

LA is the world capital of music, TV and motion picture creativity.  Did you know that a songwriter would get paid ~$80K for a million plays on radio and around ~$2K for a million plays on a streaming service? We can do better.

My name is Robert Steele.  I am a lifelong entrepreneur.  I started my first business at age 13 making game controllers for the Apple II.  I have started several technology companies and have been President and CEO of two small public companies.  I bought a home in the Culver City portion of California Assembly District 62 in 2015.  Before that, I lived in Venice, CA since 2008.  I was born in Marysville, CA.  I love my neighborhood and want to implement policies that will maximize my neighbor's Life, Liberty and Happiness.  I am unmarried and enjoy hiking and cycling all around our beautiful city and state.  I believe it is possible to maintain our clean air and water and simultaneously reduce the planned increases of power and water costs.

If you are a resident of California Assembly District 62, I will be asking for your vote because I believe I can be a voice to promote improved safety of our streets and reduce the rate of increase in the cost of living in our state.

I believe that small business is the engine of peace and prosperity in America.  I believe that it is a historical fact that private enterprise, regulated free markets and private property rights created the middle class and gave rise to the freedom and prosperity we enjoy as Americans.  I am committed to defending every Californian's ability to easily start and grow their own business.

I am a proud member of the Republican Party, the party of Lincoln and Frederick Douglas that  fought the democrats to pass the 1964 civil rights act.  I believe in conservative principles of limited government and personal responsibility.  As a teenager, I was a member of the Young Republicans and was privileged to go to the White House and open President Reagan's mail.  I have voted Republican in every election except for my vote for Ross Perot in 1992.

I am a sincere follower of Jesus Christ.  I have a passion for composing and performing modern Christian worship music.  I believe in and will defend every Californian's right to worship and practice their chosen faith free from government limitations and intrusion.

Robert Steele's Positions on Other Key Issues

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