Border Security

For a significant period of his storied career as a labor organizer, Cesar Chavez opposed              undocumented immigration.  He couldn't help the people who were here if new people kept flooding in.  What happens if you try to carry too many things?  You drop and break something.  What happens when there are too many cars on the road?  Everyone stops and no one goes anywhere.  There are 7.8 billion people in the world.  More than 750 million of them would move to America if they could.  Why do parents only have 1.9 kids today on average versus 2.3 just seventy years ago?  Families and systems and nations can only handle so much volume at any given time.  We are having trouble taking care of the 327 million people in the United States.   Let's focus on taking care of the people who are already here.



I reject any notion that having an orderly lawful immigration system is in any way "racist".  America is the most generous nation to non-citizens and immigrants that has every existed.  We naturalize (award citizenship) to nearly one million people a year, we issue long-term visas to approximately 4 million people a year and we spend billions of dollars at both the state and federal level in providing numerous benefits to legal and undocumented immigrants.  We borrow money to pay these benefits.  The state has more than $120 billion in debt and the nation has more than $20 trillion in debt.  We are all paying interest on the money we borrow to give these benefits.  We need to improve our care of citizens, reduce our obligations to non-citizens, not expand our obligations to non-citizens.  Undocumented immigration makes everyone of all ethnic heritage in America less safe.  Approximately 25% of our Federal prisons are occupied by undocumented immigrants.  It costs everyone of all ethnic heritage a lot of money as it overwhelms our tax systems, our courts, our hospitals and our border patrol. We will actually be better able to screen and admit those that want to come legally that will not be a drain on our resources if we have improved border security and immigration enforcement.

Physical barriers work.  There are more than 60 around the world that have more than proven their effectiveness.  Much of the current physical barrier in the US was built in bi-partisan cooperation.  The recent polarization on border security is just that - recent.  Many major modern Democratic party leaders were pro-border security prior to around 2010.

Geographically, Northern Mexico and Southern California have the same climate and look very similar.  Why do so many people want to come to the US?  Because we have better law enforcement and a safer and therefore more prosperous country than much of the rest of the world.  The main difference between Mexico and the United States is our system of government.  Let is work to keep it that way.

First, we must fully secure the border by building a wall/fencing/barriers and other infrastructure to help Border Patrol Agents do their jobs effectively. Second, we must reform our immigration and asylum laws so we can empower our Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents to do their jobs effectively. Third, we must end Sanctuary Cities and taxpayer-funded welfare benefits for undocumented immigrants – and withhold federal funds from any state or local government that fails to cooperate. Fourth, we must fully enforce the E-Verify program to reduce unlawful employment of undocumented immigrants. Fifth, we must end “chain migration” and instead use a merit-based selection process to vet and welcome legal immigrants and skilled guest workers. America is a nation of immigrants – and must be a nation of laws.

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