Climate Change Alarmism

California Tax Payers Are Being  Forced To Pay Unfairly For Climate Change Alarmism

Can you tell the difference between 58 degrees and 60 degrees? I doubt it.

That is how much the global temperature has changed in the past 200 years according to many climate scientists.

Can you look at the ocean and see that it is rising? No you cannot.

That is because it is rising at one-eighth on an inch a year - that is one foot in one hundred years.  How can anyone tell that?  They say the satellites in orbit can see it rising one-eighth of an inch a year.  I guess we will just have to "trust" them.  Who are them, by the way? One hundred years from now, could you or anyone else tell if the ocean rose one foot?  I don't think so.

Californians are already spending billions on Climate Change and our CO2 output is decreasing - which is pointless if China and India keep increasing.  If CO2 is the problem then the problem is in India and China.  I've been to both places and seen the air pollution there first hand.

California has already dropped its CO2 output by almost 20% and has met its targets.

Source: Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center / US DOE

Source: LA Times



The state of California spent a billion of your tax money in 2017 on the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund (GGRF).  It is probably now a yearly expenditure.

Los Angeles is spending $40,000 a mile of your tax money to paint streets white.

The University of California is spending a billion dollars of your money on Climate Change.

I Will Fight To Make Cost of Living A Priority Over Climate Change Alarmism

Warren Buffet, one of the most successful investors who has ever lived says that he does not invest in things that he does not understand.  I encourage individual Californians to STOP being forced to invest more of their money and debt in Climate Change Alarmism until they understand it.  I have been researching it for years, I have an engineering degree and I don't understand it.

Here is how the Climate Change Alarmist story goes.  


  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gasses are making the world hotter.

  • Mankind is the chief cause of the increase in greenhouse gasses.

  • The weather is "more severe" over the last 100 years when the global temperature increased one degree.

  • Everyone one earth is already being adversely affected by man-made climate change.

  • We have made computer models that show that the rate of heating will increase unless immediate action is taken.

  • 97% of scientists agree.

So as I have examined these claims, I personally see what appear to be as many holes in this story as in a B grade sci-fi movie.


  • What about the facts that the earth's temperature has been fluctuating up and down frequently since as far back as we can measure and long before industrialization?

  • What about the fact that both the recent increases in CO2 and temperature started 200 years before industrialization?

  • What about the fact that no similar computer model has ever been proven to be correct over decades of forecasting?

  • What about the fact that every living things gives off CO2?

  • What about the fact that individuals who believe strongly in climate change alarmism can 1 - buy carbon offsets with their own money, 2- not use air travel, 3 - not use automobiles, 4 - not eat beef, 5 - not use plastics, 6 - install solar panels - rather than all of us being forced  to pay for something we dont understand through higher and higher taxes and energy costs?

What about the fact that 97% of scientists do not agree?

NO ONE knows if the tiny increases in temperature will continue to increase.  No one knows if the incredibly small "increases" in sea level will increase.  We do know that every time it has gotten hotter, it eventually gets cooler.












I do not deny that the earth's temperature is increasing as it has done many times before.  I do not deny that mankind's influence is probably contributing to the rate of the recent increase.  I do not deny that reducing greenhouse gasses is a positive thing.  I do deny that there is a crisis that requires the increased taxation and lifestyle reduction of Californians.

So I think taxing every Californian large amounts of money, continuing to increase our costs of water and power, putting our lives and property at risk due to bad forestry and open space management, preventing improvement to our electrical grid to fund "green energy" solutions that are largely simply research is not a wise plan when the average Californian can't explain in common sense terms what the emergency is and why we all need to suffer to do more than we are already doing.

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