You Are Paying WAY Too Much For Water, Power and Gas

California has the nation’s sixth-highest retail price of electricity in the residential sector, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. In addition, we have the highest water rates in the nation and our water supply has been diverted resulting in a human-made shortage.

We will protect working families from unfair and costly water and energy usage penalties/fines. We will reform all government-run water agencies to cut costs and pass savings on to ratepayers while reforming water policy to meet the needs of residents. We will eliminate the regulations and mandates on electric utilities and require that 100% of the savings be rebated to customers through lower rates going forward. Source:

Why do Californians have to pay twice what other states pay for gasoline?  Because California laws have eliminated competition and market dynamics from gas prices.

Phoenix Arizona and Los Angeles have very similar air quality, yet gas costs half as much in Phoenix.

All that is needed to drop gas prices in California, is to let gas stations buy gas wholesale from Arizona.

California has been receiving record snowfall and yet we let the water drain into the sea.  California has not built a new major dam since 1979 as the population has grown by more than 15 million and yet they tell us we are having droughts.   Let's keep our water.  Water prices are based on supply and demand.  If we increase the supply, prices will eventually go down.  Fair power.  Fair water.

Californians Face Residential Water Rationing Next Year Following Record 2019 Snowpack

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