Pro Life

I believe that life begins at conception.  The human heart beat is present in the womb after 8 weeks, by 10 weeks the baby in the womb has all its organs and its brain is active and it is moving.  As early as 8 weeks the baby exhibits reflex movement during invasive procedures.  

The good news is that abortion is trending down.  I would like to help make abortion unthinkable through education and promotion of adoption.  I would like to raise awareness of resources like the Adoption Network.  I would like to see more Baby Boxes. I would like to expand the tax credits for adoption.

I believe that Roe v. Wade is an unjust ruling and that America's founders intended issues like abortion to be governed at the state level.  I do not believe that tax money should be used to fund abortions.  I am not currently proposing any changes to any California laws regarding abortion.

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