Reduce Crime

The Problem: California’s politicians treat criminals far better than law-abiding citizens – with the result being increased crime and homelessness in our neighborhoods.

Strategy 1: Restore Law Enforcement Powers to Prosecute and Punish Criminals

California politicians have promoted misguided measures such as Prop 47, Prop 57, and prison realignment that have taken law enforcement’s tools away and resulted in early release of dangerous individuals.

In addition, Prop 47 has virtually eliminated all enforcement of most property crimes. The cost of property crime has become a fiscal issue to businesses and homeowners who must bear losses without any hope of remedy. Those increased costs are then passed on to all Californians in the form of higher cost-of-living.

It’s time to repeal Props 47 and 57 before more Californians are hurt by these reckless policies.

Strategy 2: Allow Local Law Enforcement to Work with Federal Law Enforcement to Improve Safety

The so-called Sanctuary State (SB54) and associated laws makes it a crime for local law enforcement, or a private business for that matter, to cooperate with federal law enforcement agencies to identify, detain, and process criminals. If state politicians do not like federal laws, they have a right to advocate for changes in those laws. We must repeal these unconstitutional sanctuary laws as state politicians should not be able to threaten to prosecute individuals who simply seek to comply with federal law enforcement. (Source:

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